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14 January 2013

Alternative Treatments for Low Back Pain

Chronic low back pain can interfere with your ability to sit for long periods and participate in certain activities. There are several causes for...

31 December 2012

Quick Tips to Reduce Morning Neck Pain

Neck pain can start at any time: after an auto accident, with increased stress or you might notice discomfort after turning your head too fast. Some...

05 December 2012

Healing Tips After an Auto Injury

The physical trauma of an automobile accident can cause ongoing back pain and prevent normal daily activities, such as working. Depending on the severity of...

29 November 2012

Reduce Low Back Pain at Work

Do you sit at a desk for a living? Do you experience nagging low back pain after a few hours? If so, you might face an occupational hazard. Back...

13 November 2012

Suffering from Whiplash

Being involved in a car accident is very scary. If the impact is hard enough the car isn’t the only thing that can be damaged. If the car has been...