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Reduce Low Back Pain at Work

Do you sit at a desk for a living? Do you experience nagging low back pain after a few hours? If so, you might face an occupational hazard. Back pain is common for people who work desk jobs. And the longer you're on the job, the greater the risk. But while you can't always quit your job, there are tips to help ease low back pain and get through the day. 

1. Support your lower back. Purchase a work chair that supports your lower back, or position a pillow behind your lower back. You can also place a rolled towel or a jacket behind your back to help ease discomfort. 

2. Support feet with a footrest. Adjust your work chair so that your feet rest flat on the floor. If you're short and unable to adjust the chair, use a footrest to keep your feet flat. 

3. Maintain good posture. To reduce low back pain at work, practice good posture. Sit upright with a slight arch in your back. Do not slouch or lean forward. 

4. Take breaks. Rise from your seated position at least once an hour and stretch your back muscles.

November 29, 2012
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Dr. Justin Snyder