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"I've only been to Dr. Snyder's office three times now. However, I can say without a doubt, he & his staff truly care about their patients. I feel great after he aligns my spine. I am able to walk upright & without any pain. Dr. Snyder gives expert care in a comfortable & friendly atmosphere. I recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care. Give him a call & find out how he can help you live a better, happier life."


"I would recommend Dr Snyder to anyone who is experiencing discomfort or pain. I had a severe auto accident and since have had neck problems off and on. From going to Dr Snyder just a few times I have had no issues with my neck for the past 6 months. He is a great chiropractor who really listens to what you have to say and honestly wants to help make his patients feel better not just receive monetary gain."


"Dr. Snyder is an important part of my weekly body wellness and neck pain management. His methods have enhanced the ability to carry on my day to day activities virtually pain free. I would recommend Dr. Snyder to anyone who has neck and back discomfort."


"I was referred to Dr. Snyder from a friend and had never been to a chiropractor. Dr. Snyder was very helpful and informative. After just a few treatments, my pain has subsided greatly. Best of all, it didn't hurt. I'm still getting treatments, but am finding I look forward to my adjustments with Dr. Snyder. If you're having pain, I'd recommend his office. I'm glad I made the choice to fight through the fear and take a chance."


“Dr. Snyder is extremely knowledgeable, and very flexible when scheduling appointments. He makes you feel like a person, instead of a chart number. Top notch care at a affordable price. Very highly recommended!!”


“Great doctor This is my second time to see Dr. Snyder, for a new issue. I pinched a nerve in my neck and was in a lot of pain. After two visits with Dr. Snyder my pain is so much better. He really is great for any issue, and I would highly recommend him.


Dr. Justin Snyder is a one -of-a-kind Tulsa chiropractor. He's down to earth, he's reasonable, and he doesn't pull the ole car salesman routine. It's obvious he's comfortable in his craft. I have had back problems (a bulging around two discs), and its obvious he's about getting the patient to feel better, not signing him/her up for 10 years of visits. I trust the Doc. 


Great chiropractor and a great person! Dr. Snyder is the best doctor I've seen for ANYTHING. He listens to your problems and genuinely cares about helping you feel better. I've been doing professional wrestling for about 6 years, and my back pain had gotten so bad that I would almost be in tears just standing. I finally looked up chiropractors online, and he had by far the best reviews. I know why now. I've been seeing him for about a month and a half, and can honestly say he has greatly decreased the pain I was feeling. I am willing to drive from Broken Arrow all the way to his office on 41st & Harvard. I'm very happy I went to Dr. Snyder and if you are having any pain I highly recommend seeing him! 


Compassionate, considerate and very professional Dr. Justin Snyder is all of these things and also very flexible and understanding for those of us with crazy busy schedules! He is very knowledgeable about current trends in his discipline and shares this wealth of information regularly with his clients. He listened to me, cared about making me feel better and working with me to make it happen! I would recommend Dr. Snyder to anyone. 


Car Accident Relief My husband and I had the unfortunate occurrence of a 35 MPH auto collision. A friend highly recommended us to Dr. Snyder for my neck pain, and my husband's low back pain. We're both thrilled with our results. He did a superb job of explaining our injuries and then treated them in a timely fashion with great concern and care. I'm comfortable in saying I'd refer my loved ones to his office.


Surgery was scheduled... I was scheduled for low back surgery in two weeks the day I met Dr. Snyder. I went to his office based on my wife's recommendation and honestly as a last resort. My front leg had a numb spot that wouldn't go away despite multiple trips to several specialists. Last stop was surgical intervention. During my initial visit Dr. Snyder made no promises, but agreed he could probably help and was going to give it a try. Long story short, he determined the cause of my numbness(an oversized wallet in my back pocket if you can believe it?) He advised me to thin my wallet down and wear it in my front pocket, and advised we monitor it for two weeks. In exactly two weeks, the numbness had diminished and was completely gone. Thank you Dr. Snyder for saving me from a needless surgery!


Dr. Snyder rocks I found Dr. Snyder on Google, and was sold on my first appointment. He was thorough and professional, and really listened to and worked with me on the issues I was having with my neck. I was in pain, and having problems sleeping -- and after a few visits I was back in shape. I now visit him for maintenance, and really appreciate the difference he has made in my overall health. I would recommend him to anyone. 


No more headaches I have had migrains since I was 23 and Dr. Synder is the best preventative medicine I've tried. Other chiropractors have hurt my neck in the past and he never has. He is gentle and efficient. I highly recommend him.


Justin is the best... I've been a hairstylist for over twelve years so I've stood for most of my working career. I've suffered with different parts of my back hurting. So I've learned to take very good care of myself like a good diet, yoga & good posture but those things can only prevent pain. The number one thing that helps after my back has gone out is to get a ajustment from Jusin Snyder. His schedule is always very flexible so he always fits me in quick. His adjustments are very effective & I always leave relieved knowing that I got an awesome ajustment. I refer him to all of my friends & family. Thank you Justin for your great work; you are the best!!! 


Competent, Efficient and Effective!! After my hip surgery my back hurt in a few places from being sedentary for so long post op. A friend suggested that I go see Dr. Snyder to help my problem. He was very professional and concerned with my issues. I also like how he was mindful of my time as I didn't have to wait in his lobby forever like some offices. He did a few painless adjustments and I felt relief right away. I go for regular treatments now and I notice that my pain has lessened. I would recommend him to friends and family no doubt. Oh, I also loved his web site and his use of new technologies like Facebook.


The Hidden Truth Two weeks ago, my back froze up for no apparent reason and left me in excruciating pain. Just to be on the safe side, I went to my regular medical doctor first who, of course, prescribed several medicines and said everything looked fine. Four days later when I was still in pain and the medicines had not helped at all, I went to see Dr. Snyder. I felt immediate relief and continued to improve dramatically with every visit. I am now pain free! Thank you Dr. Snyder! 


Super!!! I've always had back issues and my back has never felt better! My husband referred me and I'm so glad he did! I come for weekly adjustments and I've definitely noticed a difference. Thank you Dr. Snyder! You're my #1 Tulsa chiropractor!


Pain Free I orginally came to see Dr. Snyder with chronic back pain that I have been dealing with since I had come back from Iraq. I went to a different doctor 3 times in one month and everytime I went the doctor was convinced I just had a strained muscle so I was handed a pill bottle full of pain killers and sent on my way. After 4 visits with Dr. Snyder my back is on its way to feeling great. I strongly suggest if you have back problems talk with Dr. Snyder.


VERY HELPFUL, I had little experience with going to a chiropractor and Dr.Snyder explained the problems and solutions to my back pain very well. After 6 visits with Dr. Snyder, I was pain free and enjoying my busy life again! 


I have suffered from tension headaches and lower back pain for several years. I have been to a couple of other chiropractors and had some bad personal experiences. The experiences started to make me feel like the care I was receiving was all about money. I started chiropractic care after a couple of car accidents so after my most recent car accident I was referred to Dr. Snyder for my care. I could not be happier with the care and treatment at his office. He always asks me what my complaint is so he knows how to treat me at each adjustment appointment. Never once have I ever felt like Dr. Snyder does what he does for money. He actually cares for his patients and their comfort. He is not pushy and never makes me come in for treatments unless I think I need them. If I ever go in with a headache the adjustment always makes me feel instant relief. I have become addicted to adjustments because of the sweet relief I always feel when I leave. I definately would recommend people to him for all of their chiropractic needs! Dr.Snyder is a wonderful person and doctor! Thank you Snyder Chiropractic & Acupunture for all you do to help me and my family!


I suffered from extreme lower back pain from heavy lifting at work. Dr Snyder has helped me immensely with my pain. he is very professional and polite. i would recommened him to any one suffering he can help and cares about your pain. Thank You Dr. Snyder 


Thank You!! Dr. Snyder is wonderful! I could not be happier with the results I am experiencing due to my treatments.The professionalism, knowledge and experience Justin Snyder shows toward his patients (myself included) is amazing. He has helped my pain tremendously, and I would recommend him to anyone that has an issue with pain. Thank you Dr. J ~april~ 


Dr. Snyder respects that his patients' time is valuable too - in the years that I have been a patient, I have never had to wait as long as five minutes from my appointment time. When it is my turn, however, I have his complete attention - no interruptions - and he ensures that I understand the problem thoroughly so I can take an active part in healing. His is a very proactive approach to health care, and his interest lies not only in resolving the problem, but ensuring that the patient can maintain a healthy life. I highly recommend Dr. Snyder, especially to anyone who is tired of hurting.

--Mrs. B

I would recommend Dr. Snyder to anyone ! He and his assistant(she's always smiling), have made me feel extremely comfortable and are very mindful of my time, as I have consistently been treated and on my way within 15 minutes. Dr. Snyder is very knowledgeable, informative and truly talented. He has been a tremendous help with my neck and back since my car accident. His personalized care makes me confident that I will make a full recovery. I also appreciate how he and his assistant have helped educate me about being proactive with my health, rather than reactive.


When I visit Dr. Snyder I cannot breathe. I am very active with vigorous activites. I look forward to visiting Dr. Snyder and his assistant. When I have him adjust my upper back, I don't have to deal with the pain. IT GOES AWAY! I would recommend his service to any competitive athlete. He listens and cares about lifelong wellness.


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