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Win the Fight Against Low Back Pain

Low back pain can start out of the blue. Pain may begin after sitting for a long period, after exercising, or after a fall. Although uncomfortable, low back pain usually improves within a few weeks. This is true of acute pain. But if your pain becomes chronic and lasts for longer than a week or two, see a Tulsa chiropractor.

There is no reason to live with pain on a daily basis, especially since a chiropractor may successfully ease discomfort. An injury can result in misalignment of the spine, a bulging disc or a pinched nerve. A Tulsa chiropractor will take X-rays and obtain an image of your spine. He can diagnose the cause of your low back pain, and then recommend a treatment plan to promote a healthy spine and strengthen your back muscles.

Chiropractic care is a safe alternative if you don't want to rely on over-the-counter or prescription medications for pain, or if you're sensitive to heat and cold. A cold or heat compress also relieves pain, but this solution is not right for everyone.

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April 01, 2013
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Dr. Justin Snyder