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Tips to Prevent Muscle Spasms

A muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction that can occur suddenly. Spasms are painful and tend to happen during or after strenuous activity. The length of a spasm varies. But even if pain quickly subsides, muscle contractions can recur. 

If you're active and want to reduce your number of muscle spasms, here are five tips to maintain muscle health. 

1. Know your limitations. Spasms are common when you overuse your muscles. If you experience muscle fatigue from a workout or other physical activity, give yourself a break and rest your muscles. 

2. Prevent dehydration. Your body loses water during physical activity. Dehydration can cause spasms, but you can prevent muscle contractions by drinking enough fluids. Consume water before, during and after a workout. 

3. Increase potassium intake. Low potassium is another common cause of a muscle spasm. Eat potassium rich foods, such as bananas, or talk to your doctor about supplements. 

4. Prepare your muscles. Stretch and warm up before workouts to strengthen your muscles.

5. Review your medications. Some medications increase the risk of spasms. Talk with your doctor to see if your medications are the culprit, and then discuss alternative treatments.

January 16, 2013
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Dr. Justin Snyder