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Tips For Getting Back in the Game


Are neck pain, headaches or other aches and pains throwing you off your game?

This year’s theme for National Chiropractic Health Month will be “Find Your Game,” which will focus on how everyone can take steps to gain optimal health, wellness and functioning during the active fall sports season.

We may not all be Olympians, but there are things you can do, no matter your age, occupation or fitness level, to reach and exceed fitness goals for a healthy lifestyle.

Some tips from the American Chiropractic Association include:

  • Get moving by aiming for at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise three to four days each week.

  • Stretch out each day to improve flexibility and avoid injury. Making a habit of stretching you major muscle groups each day will make a major difference.

  • Fight stress by engaging in new activities or experiences to prevent professional and personal burnout. Find an activity you enjoy.

  • Eat right by limiting red meat, sugar and salt, and enjoying plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables each day.

  • Get enough sleep at night so you’re ready for whatever the new day holds.

Always remember there are different levels of chiropractic care.  Preventative care keeps you healthy and boosts your immunity.  Acute care addresses pain that arises from new injuries.  Chronic care keeps inflammatory problems at a minimum.  Let us know how we can help you achieve fast pain relief, when you need it.
August 26, 2012
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Dr. Justin Snyder