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Reduce Stress, Become Healthier While Helping Others

Spring has sprung and so have our stress levels.  That may surprise you, but it's true. Normally, the thought of flowers and warmer weather relaxes our minds with thoughts of "spring therapy."  However, with increased average seasonal temperatures(allergies) coupled with our crippled economy and escalating gas prices, not everyone is so relaxed with the changes abound in the air.

Stress comes in three primary forms: emotional, physical and chemical.  Dealing with each component can help make your life well, less stressful.  Here are some helpful hints on how to beat the stress.

Emotional-Make it a daily habit to find the good in life.  Be gracious and humble.  Thank those around you for their impact in your life, be it large or small.  Compliment someone.  Focus on the positive and see challenges as new opportunities for wisdom and growth.  Do one thing nice for yourself a day.  Do one thing nice for someone else.  Volunteer, give and grow.  Pay it forward.  Rinse, and repeat, daily!

Physical-S t r e t c some form of physical activity from walking, running, bouncing on a workout ball, chasing your kids, dogs, grand parents or your neighbors kids, dogs or grand parents.  Move, get mobilized.  We use it or lose it.  S t r e t c h.......M a s s a g e.......and always remember to use proper techniques when doing any kind of physical activity. Get the heart pumping and feed your body with the innate energy it craves.  Get a chiropractic adjustment to restore vitality to your tissues.  B r e a t h e.....rinse, and repeat, daily!

Chemical- We are what we F E E D ourselves.  Take accountability for the fuel you place into your system.  Garbage in, garbage out.  The reverse is also true.  Eat plenty of fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and feel free to pile on even more omega-3, that stuff is amazing.  Add daily vitamin's to your regimen and drink plenty of water.  Avoid processed foods including high intake of sugars.  Eat meat, but in moderation. If you drink alcohol, keep it in moderation as well.  Limit all medications if possible. Go natural! Rinse, and repeat, daily!

Strive to be healthy and have a great attitude.  That's a large portion of the battle.  Make reducing stress in your life a priority and take accountability for that change.  In the long term, it could play a key role in extending your life.

At the very very least, SMILE!

March 26, 2012
Team Member

Dr. Justin Snyder