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Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

Somewhere during the second or third tri-mester of pregnancy many women will suffer from some sort of low back pain during pregnancy and weight gain is just one. A pregnant woman should expect to gain 20-25 pounds during her pregnancy. This extra weight puts pressure on the spine, which must support this added baby weight. During the pregnancy a woman’s body produces the hormone relaxin. This hormone allows ligaments and joints to relax in preparation for birth. However, it also causes the ligaments in the spine to loosen, which can result in low back pain, especially if a woman carries a lot of tension in her back.

Exercising, consciously improving her posture, eating a sensible diet, acupuncture, and visiting a Tulsa chiropractor are ways in which a pregnant woman can help improve any low back pain felt during her pregnancy.
October 15, 2012
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Dr. Justin Snyder