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Getting the Most From Your Office Visit

A survey of more than 13,000 doctors recently found that more than 80 percent of physicians said patient relationships were the “most satisfying” part of their job. But nearly 40 percent said they were seeing 11 to 20 patients a day, and nearly 27 percent had a daily load of up to 30. That limits the amount of time a doctor can spend with each patient.

By preparing for your visit, you can ensure you make the best use of your time together,

Some things you can do to make the best use of the visit include:

•Bring your medications, or a list of them, with you.

•Bring copies of the results of tests or procedures from other physicians.

•Wear clothes that make it easy for you to be examined.

•Prepare your thoughts ahead of time so that you can be as precise and accurate as possible. What are the symptoms? When did they begin? Don’t withhold any information that might be relevant to your symptoms.

•Let your doctor know if your symptoms resulted from an auto injury.

•Be on time or early. Up to 15 percent of patients are late for their doctor’s appointment, which adds to the time crunch.

•Research your health concerns ahead of time and use the information to help focus your questions.


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February 20, 2013
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Dr. Justin Snyder