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Four Easy Headache Remedies

Everyone experiences a headache from time-to-time. There are different causes of headaches, and most cases do not indicate a serious medical condition. Reaching for the pill bottle is often the solution for relief. But before relying on over-the-counter drugs to stop your headache, consider four simple remedies.

1. Take a nap: Being tired and sleeping less than eight hours a night can trigger a headache. If possible, take a brief power nap. This will recharge and relax your body. The extra charge can zap a headache and allow you to continue with your day. The nap doesn't have to be long -- perhaps 30 to 60 minutes.

2. Get a caffeine fix: If you drink coffee, tea or soda on a daily basis, a caffeine headache can surface if you miss your daily dose. Eating chocolate or drinking a few ounces of a caffeinated beverage can provide quick relief.

3. Give your eyes a break: Staring at a computer screen for hours at a time is a known headache trigger. Even if your job entails computer work, take short breaks every hour to give your eyes a rest. Maybe switch to a task that doesn't involve the computer, or simply look away from the computer screen more often.

4. Apply a cold or warm cloth to your forehead for five to 10 minutes. This remedy helps ease tension and reduce inflammation.

August 12, 2012
Team Member

Dr. Justin Snyder