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Don't Ignore the Pain, Consult Your Physician


In our Westernized world, it’s common to value work over our physical health. We hear such platitudes as: “grin and bear it,” “the pain will be worth it,” and other suggestions that to endure pain is to become stronger. However, this idea of suffering in order to make it through, doesn’t translate very well to our bodies. Common warning signs for preexisting or newly developed conditions can go overlooked since we do not want to appear weak, or vulnerable. It’s not weak or vulnerable to take care of your body. It is thoughtful and pragmatic and planning for the future you wish to have with your life.  We rotate our ties and change our oil, why don't we take care of our sacred bodies in the same manner in which we do our cars?  Sounds silly doesn't it?

One example of how a major medical condition can be ignored through common pains is: sciatica.

Sciatica is not a condition in itself, but an condition that occurs from one, such as: slipped disk, piriformis syndrome, pelvic injury or fracture, and tumors.

At first sciatica may appear mild. It may be a tingling or dull sensation/burning in the leg or hip. Sometimes the pain will be the point where the patient cannot move. If left untreated, it can progress. Other symptoms that can emerge are: difficulty in bending the foot, loss of feeling, abnormal weakness, pain when coughing or laughing, trouble standing or sitting for long periods of time, immobility.

This condition should be treated immediately, if seen, in order to diagnose how it arrived. What could easily be brushed off at a work-desk from lack of sleep, or having too strenuous exercise or not enough exercise could result in you becoming physically impaired. And then, who will tell you the pain was worth it? Who will say that it has made you stronger in the end to ignore your body’s warning signs that something is wrong, and needs your attention?
March 25, 2013
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Dr. Justin Snyder